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Here is what some of our customers have said about Nimsgern Steel Corp........

"They have furnished us with accurate, complete, shop drawings on a timely basis and have willingly adjusted the drawings at our request.  They deliver their products to the building site on schedule and the erection and fit up of the elements always goes smoothly.  In speaking for my firm we are always glad to learn that Nimsgern Steel Corporation has been selected to be part of the construction team."


- Ernest R. Seymour, SDS Architects, Inc.

".......I could not have been more pleased with the performance of your organization in the detailing, fabricating, and coordinating of your entire staff.  In chronological order, I would like to express my gratitude for the representation of all your employees and the fine reputation that they have earned in your name.....You should be proud of the fine work that all of your staff have demonstrated through the course of this project.  Their dedication had been exemplified every day and every week through the past 12 months."


- A. W. Lindstrom III, The George Sollitt Construction Company

"......Their workmanship and business ethic is excellent.....Product was delivered as anticipated.  We plan to continue our association with them long into the future."


- Brad Adams, Closner Construction & Sales, Inc.

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