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Nimsgern Welding and Radiator was started by William Nimsgern in 1969.  Prior to starting this business, Mr. Nimsgern was a welder with Northern Illinois Gas.

In 1979, Nimsgern incorporated as Nimsgern Welding and Radiator Repair, Inc..  At this time, business consisted of performing radiator repair and welding services for boats and tractors.  This was the same year that William's son, William (Chip) Nimsgern, Jr., started with the company.


In 1990, the company sold the radiator repair business and the company became Nimsgern Welding, Inc..  During this year, the company started performing fabrication and erection of structural steel.

In 1993, the company stopped erecting structural steel and concentrated its efforts entirely on fabricating structural steel for commercial buildings.  These buildings include structures for the education, medical, industrial, retail and general commercial industries.  The company subsequently changed its name to Nimsgern Steel Corp.

Today, the company operates out of a 32,500 square foot facility in Minocqua, Wisconsin.

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